• spanish premiere of Descrittivi di stati d'animo di Didone (2004) for ensembe in Valencia , Palau de la Música de València performed by Grup Instrumental de Valènci, directed by Joan Cerveró.

    26.04.2017 Palau de la Música de València / Sala Rodrigo 

    listen to the beginning of the piece here

  • Tox 1b for clarinet, cello and piano for Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
    09.03.2017 London, Goldsmiths (wp) & 22.03.2017 in Wien, Alte Schmiede 19h

    listen to the live recording here

  • english premiere of MANIA for ensemble and electronics, Nov. 2016
    Klangforum Wien will give the english premiere of MANIA on November 20th conducted by Bas Wiegers at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

    This records presents four major works by young austrian composer Reinhard Fuchs. Set in an aesthetic world influenced by Guiseppe Ungaretti, David Lynch and Jackson Pollock and by the structural idea of a palimpsest, each work has it's own character but is related to the other pieces on the record. Klangforum Wien's outstanding performance in the opener "Mania" (inspired by Lynch's Blue Velvet) gives that piece a hauting intensity.


    Klangforum Wien, ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Anna Maria Pammer, Sylvain Cambreling, Beat Furrer, Johannes Kalitzke

    29 Jun 2016, Ettore Garzia,

    more information and audio samples at: 

    Also available from: 
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    download from iTunes 

  • The new ring tone for WIEN MODERN is done!

    frank! (free Download mp3)
    inspired by Frank Booth alias Dennis Hooper (Blue Velvet)
    written, produced by Reinhard Fuchs (2014)

  • Erst Bank composition prize 2014
    Awarding during the festival WIEN MODERN 2014

  • 4.11.2014 7:30 p.m.
    WIEN MODERN - Wiener Musikverein
    "Wo Angst auf Umhülle prallt" for voice and orchestra

    RSO Wien
    Peter Rundel, conductor
    Anna Maria Pammer,voice

    This concert will be broadcasted on Ö1-Radio on November 11th at 7:30 pm -  listen to it at WEBRADIO Ö1.

    Listen to an example with Anna Maria Pammer (voice) in passionate action in Wo Angst auf Umhülle prallt for voice and orchestra.

Anna Maria Pammer
Anna Maria Pammer

  • 9.11.2014, 7:30 p.m.
    MANIA for ensemble and electronics
    commisioned by Klangforum Wien

    world premiere at Festival WIEN MODERN 2014
    Su 09.11.2014 Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Saal
    We 12.11.2014 Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie

    This concert will be broadcasted on Ö1-Radio on November 11th at 23:03 pm -  listen to it at WEBRADIO Ö1




get a tasto of MANIA - listen to a short sample of the solo electronic parts in MANIA.

  • 18.11.2014, 7:30h p.m.
    WIEN MODERN - Wiener Konzerthaus
    for voice and ensemble

    Anna Maria Pammer, voice
    Ernst Kovacic, Dirigent

    This concert will be broadcasted on Ö1-Radio on November 25th at 23:03 pm -  listen to it at WEBRADIO Ö1

get a taste of TRANSKRIPT - listen to a short sample with phantastic Anna Maria Pammer

  • new work for orchestra
    commissioned by Wien Modern and RSO
    premiere at Festival Wien Modern 2015

  • 20.10.2014 11:03 p.m.
    Radio broadcast of "FUORI"
    for string quartet (commissioned by ORF / Musiktprotokoll) world premiere at Musikprotokoll 2014 by Arditti Quartett) Ö1 am 20.10.2014, 23.03h auf Ö1 -

    listen to it online until October 28th! - Ö1 on demand

  • 18.10.2014 Santiago de Compostella
    portugese premiere of TOX
    for piano trio in Santiago de Compostella performed by the phantastic Vienna Piano Trio

  • MICA Austria Porträt by Heinz Rögl (in german)